Vision-Mission Statement of the UST Institute of Religion


We, the members of the Institute of Religion, while upholding the mission of the University, are committed to building a




Witnessing and

Evangelizing Community of Catholic Educators


Whose love for Christ and His Church serves as our wellspring in fostering integral Christian formation of the Thomasian community.


We dedicate our efforts to the development of:

a.) WELL-FORMED YOUNG CHRISTIAN PROFESSIONALS among our students who can effect meaningful changes in our society;

b.) COMMITTED CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS AND EXPERTS among ourselves in various fields of Theology and Religious Education;

c.) SERVICE-ORIENTED MEMBERS OF THE THOMASIAN COMMUNITY committed to work for the welfare of the local academic community as well as to reach out especially to the less fortunate members of the society.


To attain these goals, we make the following as our objectives:

► To contribute to the nurturing and strengthening of our community life;

► To provide students with the integral Christian formation founded on the Scriptures, Church teachings and Thomistic traditions

► To equip our faculty members, Religious Education and Theology teachers and Graduate students in Theology with necessary studies, training, research for professional development;

► To offer assistance and work closely with the academic community on matters affecting their Christian life and obligations as educators in a Catholic university;

► To collaborate with the Campus Ministry in fostering the spiritual growth of the non-academic community;

► To collaborate with UST organizations and groups committed to community services and outreach programs.